DIY Buffet Table

DIY Buffet Table

Welcome back to The Creative Fox Den, everyone! To get everything back up and running, I’m finally writing the post for this table that I made before Cana came. Bad news: I don’t have all the specs for this table as I was in a bit of a rush putting it together. Good news: it’s so so easy that you can definitely put one together yourself.


I was looking for a buffet table or even an old dresser or anything that would fit the bill that I could paint or repurpose for what seemed like forever. Nothing was quite right, and I wasn’t even being all that picky. I just wanted a basic table and nothing fit the bill. Not only that, but everything on Kijiji (for those of you that aren’t familiar with Kijiji it’s similar to Craigslist or eBay; an online classifieds service) is getting more and more pricey, which really defeats the purpose. I think a lot of people are catching on to the whole repurposing thing and sellers are taking advantage of the demand for their old furniture.

wp-1463490257752.jpgAnyhow, I was getting pretty frustrated and impatient so I decided to just make the darn table myself (or ask my darling hubby to make it). This is where the details get a little foggy. I knew that Cana was coming and that I wouldn’t have time for much once she got here so the hubby and I ran to Home Depot, grabbed some wood and threw this table together lickety-split. I apologize that I didn’t document it better but I can tell you that the project cost about $50 and it took about 2 hours to complete (not bad, eh?).

Here is what I do know:

  • L brackets are the best thing ever. We aren’t overly handy and I’m sure there are woodworkers out there that would cringe at the thought of this whole table being put together with them but it really worked in this case. I didn’t want to deal with putting screw in on an angle and the angle was wrong and the screw came out the other end or not into the other piece. Either way, these made everything so easy and I had a pack lying around. So if you’re a novice craftsman/craftswoman, these L brackets are pretty great. wp-1463490227010.jpgwp-1463490123970.jpgwp-1463490112323.jpg
  • I used railing spindles from the deck department for the legs and just cut them down to size. Easy peasy!
  • You guessed it, I painted everything with chalk paint to match the table and hutch but because the wood is raw you could just as easily use regular paint.


That’s about it. Really, this was so easy. Just buy the wood and they can cut it at your home hardware store to the length that you want and then you throw it all together with L brackets. I honestly can’t get over how easy it was and it suits it’s purpose perfectly. I will be decorating it soonish so keep posted for some easy DIY decor ideas.


I know that this wasn’t the most detailed post so please do let me know if you have any questions!


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