DIY Hanging Plants

DIY Hanging Plants

Welcome back, everyone! I’ve been working on a couple things around the house and I’m excited to share them with you. Today’s post is going to detail one of the projects I’ve done that has the most amount of impact for the least amount of effort. Trust me, this one was really easy, even my husband would agree and he always moans and complains whenever I mention that I have a new idea because he assumes that it’s going to be a big pain (point and case – pallet wall. But it turned out so good!).


I was sitting in my living room the other day watching Stranger Things (have you seen it?! It’s my new absolute favourite show of all time! Watch it!) when I decided that the area around my TV was just too bland. It needed some colour, some life, some je ne sais quoi. I couldn’t very well add anywthing on the cabinet that the TV sits on because there is no room unless I put something in front of the TV and that just wouldn’t do. So there was only one option left – hang something from the ceiling.


I don’t know about you but I kill EVERY plant that I try to bring into the house. I even killed a cactus, which can somehow manage to live in the desert but not in my home. I am less nourishing than the desert. Ugh. I’ve also recently decided that I want to have nice outdoor gardens as well. I bought these beautiful little purple perenials (don’t ask me was they’re called – I have no idea) that promptly died a week after I planted them in my garden. I bought two new ones to replace the dead ones over the weekend so wish me luck that these ones survive. I just want to have nice flowers!


So, with my newfound resolve I’m determined to be able to keep some plants alive inside and out. However… I knew that I wanted 5 hanging plants and that just seemed like too much responsibilty so I got two artificial ones and three live ones (can you tell which are which?). We’ll see how it goes. Also, I feel obligated to mention that my husband did tell me that it wasn’t the greatest idea to put a plant that had to be watered over our TV buuuuttt… I just plan on being really careful when I water them.

What you’ll need

  • Pots. I got these metal pots from Ikea for 99¢ each. I don’t think I could find them anywhere else for less (I tried).
  • Nail and hammer or a drill that can go through metal. It was really hard to get through these pots with a nail and hammer (though it is doable) so we quickly switched to a drill.
  • Twine
  • Plants
  • Screw hooks


How to do it

  1. Drill three evenly spaced holes under the lip of your pot.
  2. Feed the twine through the hole and tie a knot in the twine so that it’s secure (depending on the size of the hole you might need to double knot it.
  3. Tie all three pieces of twine together with a knot above the plant.
  4. Screw your screw hooks into the ceiling and hang your plants from them at varying heights.
  5. Enjoy.

Like I said, not tricky at all. Super easy actually, and it really helped brighten up an otherwise dull corner.

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